Plant Sciences

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Plant Sciences (Grades 11 and 12 Students) is a two or three period block designed to introduce students to a career pathway leading to occupations in the field of plant sciences.

Topics include landscape design, greenhouse and nursery management, pest management and disease control, and the process of plant propagation using liquid media hydroponic technology. Emphasis is placed on plant propagation and harvesting in the greenhouse and SAD#1 School Farm facility. Students learn to work cooperatively on group projects and practice problem solving skills to attain optimum results from the crops raised.  Students enrolled for a three-period block will receive enrichment in the area of either animal science or aquaculture.


Animal Sciences (Grades 11 and 12 Students) will prepare students to demonstrate competence in the application of scientific principles and techniques to the management of animal production enterprises.

This course is designed to prepare students to manage animals based on anatomical and physiological characteristics, to provide for proper health care, to apply principles of animal nutrition and to evaluate and select animals for specific uses. Students will prepare and implement animal handling procedures, select animal facilities and equipment to provide for safe and efficient production, housing and handling of animals and analyze environmental factors associated with animal production.


Aquaculture (Grades 11 and 12 Students) is designed to introduce the student to breeding and maintaining freshwater and tropical fishes under controlled conditions. The course in divided into a classroom portion and a lab portion.

The classroom section has two main purposes; the Dream Aquarium Project that teaches all aspects of tropical aquariums and time to explore coldwater fishes in Maine and invasive species. The lab section has rotating assignments so students experience saltwater, coral, tropical, trout, salmon, and turtle tanks. Field trips include two to the Grand Lake Stream State Fish Hatchery. This class offers an excellent opportunity for students interested in marine biology, outdoor recreation, and natural resources to learn in a hands-on environment.



This course is held in room 306.