Plant Sciences

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Plant Sciences (Grades 11 and 12) is two periods of a three-period block designed to introduce and expose students to the field of plant sciences in a variety of ways.  The course is divided into a classroom and lab environment. (For dual enrollment credit available, see below.)

While this class does have a classroom component, a great deal of time is also spent utilizing both the MSAD#1 School Farm and the smaller greenhouse attached to PITC.  Students learn to work cooperatively on group projects and practice problem-solving skills.  Topics include greenhouse styles, hydroponics, plant taxonomy, plant anatomy and functions, plant physiology, fertilization plans, plant propagation techniques, integrated pest management, and landscape design.  Students enrolled for a three-period block will receive enrichment in the area of either animal sciences or aquaculture. (See course descriptions below.) Students have the opportunity to enroll in AGR 101 Introduction to Agricultural Sciences for three dual enrollment credits from the University of Maine at Presque Isle.



This course is held in room 306.