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Business Digital Photography is designed to offer students opportunities to develop fundamental skills in photographic composition. Techniques include: Rule of Thirds, Balance, Light, Point of View, Pattern, Motion, Selective Focus, Contrast and Variety, Texture, Mood, Framing and Depth of Field. Students will be required to develop a print and/or electronic portfolio.

Introduction to Micro Computer Applications-CIS 113 (3 College Credits) Provides students with a working knowledge of the operating system, word processing and presentation graphics using Microsoft Office.  Coverage of the operating system will include working with and organizing files, personalizing the Windows environment, and managing the Windows 8 operating system.

Marketing provides an overview of the marketing skills and techniques used in product planning and promotion.  Explores the strategy behind and implementation of a marketing plan, while covering consumer behavior, product life-cycle, marketing communications and pricing tactics.



This course is held at PIRCTC in room 405.