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Principles of Accounting I-ACC 111 (4 College Credits) This is an introductory course teaching the fundamental principles of accounting.  Emphasis is on developing technical procedures of the accounting cycle including journalizing, posting, adjusting entries, closing books and preparing financial statements.


Accounting Principles Individuals and businesses have a lot in common when it comes to money. Both earn it, spend it, save it, invest it and keep track of it. Keeping track of it is the most important choice one can make. Accounting Principles will give students the knowledge and skill to help them make both business and personal decisions.


Business Mathematics-BUS 115 (3 College Credits) This course is designed to provide solid, practical and current coverage of the mathematical topics students must master to succeed in life and business today.  Students will develop the computational and vocabulary skills necessary for retailing, marketing, accounting, business management, and finance.


Personal Finance-BUS 114 (3 College Credits) Designed to help individuals analyze and direct their own financial affairs.  Students will practice and apply skills to begin a lifelong journey of personal financial planning.  This course will provide strategies for managing personal financial resources, buying decisions, insurance, investing, and retirement planning.





This course is held at PIRCTC in room 407.